Scouting Specialist Training

This SFBS online course will enable you to learn more about the scouting model developed by SFBS in collaboration with MBP, and how professional scouting works and is used. You will do this through challenges and game mechanisms (gamification) and a story-telling that will put you in the shoes of a junior scout who has recently joined a professional team. In short, you’ll have access to all the programme content in a comfortable, attractive and motivating way: you’ll learn about the different types of scouting that exist and how to analyse players, both individually and as a team. You’ll also have all the keys you need to create an overall report on your opponent.

In particular, you will learn how to use the best technological analysis tools and how to use one of them to collect, order and interpret information according to methodological schemes and to face the competition by analysing your team and your rival. All this on your own, but also by sharing what you learn with the MBP community and teachers.

Ultimately, in this course you will learn the basics of game analysis and data collection information on competitions to make coherent and effective decisions later.


  • Module 1: Understanding, describing and assessing individual and collective behaviour.
  • Module 2: Analysing and optimising the skills and abilities of football players.
  • Module 3: Understanding and advising on individual and group dynamics in a football team.
  • Module 4: Observing the structural and dynamic aspects of football.
  • Module 5: Selecting and applying the most appropriate methods and technologies for game analysis.
  • Module 6: External relations (agents, institutions, clubs, associations, etc.)
  • Module 7: Acquire knowledge about creating analysis panels and using projects.
  • Module 8: Sharing data through reports and methodological models.
  • Duration : Approximately 45 hours
  • Price : 545 Euros